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Al·ter·na·tive Lifestylers Welcome

You might see the phrase used time and time again, "Alternative Lifestyler" AND if you are new to living for your own pleasure - Get used to seeing this phrase.

Al·ter·na·tive: (of one or more things) available as another possibility. In my experience as being a Alternative Lifestyler, most times than not, a person seeks out the lifestyle that is closest to how they see themselves living their lives without traditional boundaries. Alt. LS's allow you to learn more about not only yourself but more about the world around you.

Meeting and networking with people with like-interests is an eye opening, world changing experience; at least for you it should be. Many people approach me with questions about how I got into the lifestyle and why did I choose BDSM as my lifestyle of choice. I'll share a little about me!

Known as Verbal Ndulgnce for my short spoken word stage presence; I became more than a literature toting, rebellious girl living on the Southside of Chicago, IL. Verb ( as I re-branded myself), explained my personality as a socialite but people also knew that Verb meant action. I enjoy being watched and challenged within the swinger scene. I can be seen floating around either playing with a young lady, my girlfriend/boyfriend or taking a gentleman up on his offer of being able to "handle" me. Verb meant action! I started out dressing the part. Then making all the pertinent connections. Shortly after I assisted in hosting and cleaning

Sir Hustle and Lady Verb

up for large swinger parties. It was only a matter of time before I started throwing my own swingeresque gatherings. Not only did I enjoy making new friends in the swinger world, shortly after I also entered into a polyamorous relationship.

The swinger scene was great and fun however I stopped actively swinging after about year 3 or 4. I simply was not attracted to the everyday single man attending these late night events. I was attracted to someone who was confident, aggressive and experienced. The kicker? He was not to be found in this scene. I needed someone all encompassing that trickled over into my personal life.

After developing hundreds ( yes hundreds) of LS friends, I happenstance acquired friends and mentors within the BDSM Realm. I studied. Asked questions. Studied. Asked more questions and once I became comfortable; took a nose dive into the Kinky, Sensual World. This would not have been possible without my 2 great mentors.

6 years later - Here I am. I am an Owned & Collared submissive ( s-type) within a 24/7 Poly dynamic. In laymans terms, I serve a Dominant (D-type) 24/7 hours a day 365 and we have a polyamorous relationship. More about this in a later post!

My Alt. LS Journey has been an amazing one. What will yours bring?

Lady Verb

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