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Happy Kinky Traveling

Here it is! I'm nervous! No, I'm excited! I'm nervous and excited. The amount of work that it takes to prepare for an event can be nerve wrecking. Rewarding, but nerve wrecking. If you are smart, you will obtain a list of events that you would like to attend throughout the year. When I first started attending kink events, I had no idea how many there were [are]! I remember people traveling in the masses and being excited! But it was too late. They were on their way to celebrate a weekend of fun, fellowship and unadulterated kinky behavior.

Two of these events passed before I got smart and asked around for where to find a list of upcoming or annual events. I was able to get directed to has a broad listing of nationwide kink events, groups and social profiles. After we were able to sit down and come to a decision on what trips would be beneficial and feasible to make, we then began the rest of the planning.

What would you like to experience at these events? For me that was easy. Furthering my kink education and experience would be number one. A close number two would be networking. It is very important for me to connect face to face when possible with the people I have made online connections with. In conjunction with the networking, not forgetting that being around like minded people was definitely top of the list of many.

Next on my list is to be away from our life at home as D/s with family to D/s and just us. Being in a space traveling without the kiddos helps increase blood flow to the relationship. As a couple or polycule, it is important to take full advantage of these opportunities together. As a D/s couple. we take this traveling time to catch up on music, informational podcasts and one another.

Now that we have our plans settled ( notice I am skipping right past lodging and accommodations which you should be sure to settle before confirming any travel plans) let's focus on what to pack! You want to make sure you pack comfortable traveling clothes. Comfortable clothes for roaming around in your down time. You may need to move around the city to pick up forgotten or last minute items. Maybe even visit people, or just explore the city. Next I focus on what I want to wear to the more laid back social events. Choose how you want to look and how you want to feel when mingling with others.

Finally, you want to examine the main events and decide how you want to dress for those. Those are the big money decisions. For me anyway. I like to feel comfortable and fully in my role as a Switch as much as possible. Now that we have all of the clothes or there lack of, out of the way; Let's talk playtime!

What do you bring for playtime? Bring your favorite implements for play! Watching my Sir pack for the first time was interesting. He had a large duffel bag filled with floggers, paddles, restraints, canes, belts and etc. Can you imagine coming through an airport with all of these "toys"? You have to be very careful and knowledgeable about what you are carrying and explaining it to airport security should they ask.

Make a check list of everything you are taking so you can be confident and sure everything goes back home. Try and account for everything! There is nothing more frustrating than having to reclaim belongings after you have left them and you are dead tired from traveling.

After you have figured out how you're going to get to the event and What you'll need to pack for the event it's all exciting from there. Coordinate your trip with others who are going. You're on your way!

Happy Kinky Traveling!!

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