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Mommy & kylie

" I know that you are nervous about flying little one but just remember what we have been rehearsing", I said as Kylie started making mocking breathing sounds on the other end of the chat LOL " Just like that princess. Have a safe trip and I will be at the airport awaiting your arrival." Sigh. I know Kylie hates flying alone but she has got to get over this fear of flying when she insists that she will be traveling with me everywhere. I know she is will be fine, weve flown together numerous times. In fact, she has also flown alone numerous times but Kylie is my little.

In the BDSM life that we live, Kylie is a little. An adult that identifies and plays out the characteristics of an age younger than their own. (Age Play) Kylie pouts, tantrums, begs, whines and acts out like a 6 year old would. She dresses up in play clothing and acts like the princess that she can't as she is an Executive Assistant of a Prestigious Law Firm. In our dynamic I am that authoritative nurturing figure that she yearns for after a hard week of smiling, nodding and having screaming fits and in the janitors closet.

I stopped to grab some post-flight snacks and beverages to fight thirst and some anxiety jitters. As I grabbed the waters, I get a message that Kylie has made it to CVG. I head down Airport Drive and as I get closer to the beginning of the Arrivals lane, I see kylie with this cute flowing long dress on. As she walked closer, I realized she'd dun it again. Lived out her name as my slutty little pixie! This dress was stylist but it was so thin, it was obvious she had no undergarments on.

She runs toward me showering me with kisses as the smell of her sweet sweaty pheromones and my mouth begins to water and the thoughts are rampant with fuckery at this She hops in the car, excited that she had snacks and that she was getting a chance to see Mistress in such short notice; she realizes that I have gotten quiet. I glance over at her and say, " Somebodys lookin cute in their cute little whore dress". kylie giggles and says, " I knew you'd like this dress Mommy. Are you pleased?" " Yes, little one..Mommy is more than...pleased" point.

As we check into our Rental I had the little one sit while I did a walk through. I made sure everything was safe, exact, clean and prepared for my princess. As I approached her in the living room, I motioned her up to now tour with me. She really liked this space. My job is done for now little one. Mommy is going to rest, don't hesitate to wake me.

Kylie knows how important her service and dedication to my comforts are. When I awoke my bags were unpacked, my snacks and beverages were put away, Kylie was unpacked and the room smelled of lemon grass and rosemary. I swear that girl knows me to so well. My alarm set at 45 minutes, I see kylie in nadu awaiting her next commands. You did well princess. Go bathe and slip into some pajamas. We are going to order in and somebody has some dues to pay for that minor infraction a couple weeks ago that I didn't forget about *smirks*

As kylie baths, I interrupt her bath as I kneel to the tubs level and notices kylies nipples are erect. I pinch and tug until shes squirming and moaning. I quiet her reactions with my hand around her throat as I tug a little harder now and stare into her face. I release and grab her neck again. I start tracing kylies lips and then I stopped myself. I grabbed my booked and sat on the toilet as she played with her bubbles and was determined to master twerking in the bathtub.

I motioned for kylie to wrap up her bath so I could dry her off. I helped her out of the tub and escorted her to the bedroom where I unwrapped the towel and poured peach lavender oil on her and rubbed it all in. Now go put on some pjs and get Mommy fed. Kylie ordered from one of our normal restaurants and poured my wine to get the evening moving. When food arrived kylie played my food on a glass plate and got into her normal position underfoot. She loves being my table as I eat, and then she eats.

Once kylie was finished eating, we both were famished from the day. I was still horny, thinking about past visits and that damn dress from earlier. I really just wanted to have my way with kylie until I came. I told kylie to grab my restraints from the table where all of my toys had been laid out by kylie earlier that day. I motioned for her to get on her knees, ass in the air and to slide her wrists through her legs do I can lock them with her ankles.

I begin talking to kylie about how it pleases me to control her orgasms. I start to finger kylie to get her wet and expose her clit. I bring out my wand and tease her a little with it. I slide my glass dildo inside of her half way, teasing her and making her want more. As I increase the pressure of the wand, kylie is dripping wet and is begging to orgasm. I deny her. I stop with the wand and just increase my speed deeper with the glass dildo and she is begging. Still no.

I remove the dildo and use my fingers to search her insides while I push her face into the bed. I can feel her juices seeping. I feel kylies body shaking and thats when I whisper..Cum for me princess. Youve been a very good girl for Mommy. This is the start of a great weekend. Kylie cums and moans for the next several minutes as I release her from her chains and curl around her for a good long sleep.


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